Say ‘Hallo’ to Belgian Sweet Corner

And find out what sets us apart…

Meet Our Belgian Waffles

We serve 2 kinds of waffles, the Liège & the Brussels.

The Liège Waffle - sweet, soft, chewy decadence

Our signature Liège waffle is not like the waffles you’ll find in most Canadian restaurants. From the south of Belgium, the Liège is made from a dense dough encrusted with Belgian pearl sugar. Baked at the perfect temperature in a waffle iron, the pearl sugar caramelizes while the dough cooks.

The Brussels Waffle - light, graceful, airy crispiness

Our Brussels waffle is prepared using egg white and yeast-leavened batter. If the iron sizzles, we’re ready to pour the batter and cook it in our special cast-iron waffle irons. This produces a waffle that’s light, crisp and delicate. The batter is unsweetened, which makes the Brussels waffle the perfect home for sugary, syrupy, chocolaty, fruit-filled, tempting toppings... and even savoury!

Taste the difference yourself


Why does it matter?

Pearl sugar is one of the ingredients that makes our Liège waffles distinctively Belgian.

Pearl sugar is made up of larger granules that form delicious sugar chunks. It withstands higher cooking temperatures than traditional sugar, imparting a delightful caramelized crunch to our Liège waffles.


An epic Belgian waffle journey...

Gunther Coppens and his sons departed Belgium, travelling the world in search of inspiration and adventure. Their journey did not disappoint. However, they encountered a strange phenomenon in almost every city they visited: a sweet treat people insisted on calling the Belgian waffle. No matter how much they protested, or tried to describe the perfect Belgian waffle, their words had little effect.

They knew what they had to do: bring a truly Belgian waffle to the rest of the world and let people taste the difference for themselves. Gunther and his sons opened their first Belgian Sweet Corner in April 2022, in the heart of Toronto’s Kensington Market. Come by and say ‘Hallo!’ and try our LEKKER waffles.


"Ah! It's just like home."

A sweet spot in the heart of vibrant, bustling Kensington Market. Take in the waffle-warm vibes, the irresistible aromas wafting from the bar, and the authentic Belgian atmosphere – which even includes a replica of our famous Belgian statue, ‘Manneken Pis’ (Google translate that one!). Dine inside or on our outdoor patios.

Sweet or savoury – Your choice !