100% Certified LEKKER

The most authentic Belgian waffle experience you’ll find outside of Belgium is right here in Canada.

Liège or Brussels? Both!

We serve 2 different LEKKER Belgian waffles: Our signature Liège waffle (sweet, soft, chewy decadence) or the Brussels waffle (light, graceful, airy crispiness).

Leonidas Chocolates x Belgian Sweet Corner

For 100+ years, Belgian chocolatier Leonidas has created blissful moments through the luxury of chocolate. Using 100% pure cocoa butter (never palm oil), Leonidas pralines are the perfect companion to our LEKKER waffles.

Dine in or Delivery...

Take in our relaxed atmosphere (and that distinctive, warm-sweet sugary aroma wafting from our waffle makers) …or enjoy from the comfort of home.

What the Hekker is LEKKER?!

In Belgium, lekker means yummy!


From Belgium by Belgians!

Made with care, using the finest ingredients imported from Belgium, we serve the most authentic Belgian waffle (outside of Belgium). Guaranteed. Finished with blissful Belgian chocolate or speculoos biscuit-butter spread. Imported from Belgium: Pearl sugar, sizzling cast-iron waffle makers, Leonidas chocolate… Find out what makes our waffles truly Belgian.